Thursday, January 31st 2013


It’s my last day at Brush Creek, and thus the last day of our little experiment (I’ll probably post more stuff as time goes on, but doubt at this regularity). Just in the past few days I’ve finished The Wild Palms by Faulkner, which ranks up there for me among his greatest work (and boy is it devastating, kind of like Light in August if it was entirely a tragedy). The book has two distinct narratives that never intersect: one, about a couple that elopes to pretty horrifying circumstances, and another about a convict who is washed away by a flood on the Mississippi and rescues a pregnant woman. The book’s about the duty we have towards other human beings, and how love can be treacherous. It’s also about how much we’ll fight for the kind of life we want to live, no matter how perverse that life may seem. I’d highly recommend it. But, I’ve also:

Tried snowmobiling again – and liked it (turns out they put me on the wrong kind of machine in my first go, a mountain one instead of a trail one), saw some bison, a herd of deer, climbed to the top of a foothill of the rockies, finished my own novel, finished the first section of my next one, and become rather good at Buck Hunter (that videogame that’s interchangeable with Golden Tee in douchey bars).

But January has been kind of an incredible month in general. Music wise, especially. There’s of course the new Bowie on the way, as well as a new project from Will Sheff, but just today Iron and Wine announced a new album, and you know how much I love Sam Beam. There are a bunch of great new books announced, and being here in Wyoming has been an incredible gift. Likewise, the end of my Sandman project is bittersweet, but I’m so proud of it. Also, I’ve got some job leads (much needed, dear god, I am so poor right now), and I’ve got a project for the upcoming months: getting this book published.

I’m sorry that you’ll be far away for so much of this coming year. I can feel in my bones it’s going to be a good one. I hope you get everything you want from it.

Much love,




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Canadian born, Chicago raised writer. Contributer to The A.V. Club. Wearer of Brooks Brothers.
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