Thursday, January 17th


I am officially terrible at writing letters.

In my defense, I technically moved twice in the past month, the second time with my dog. And most of the letters I’ve written in my life have been physical paper letters…and I’ll even admit to writing most of them with a quill and ink pots.

I’m all moved in and settled up in Tahoe City. I’ve got a PO Box and everything, which is new for me. Dynamite loves being up here, and he gets so excited around the snow that he tires himself out pretty early on in the day. Here’s a picture from our walk this morning:


Since we’re living in a neighborhood that’s mostly vacation homes, there aren’t a lot of houses occupied right now. With MLK weekend coming up, that’s going to change, but for now? I don’t think more than 20% of the houses in the entire neighborhood have people in them right now. That makes for a very quiet existence, and I’m really enjoying it so far.

Making a schedule for myself and sticking to it is going to be really important here, especially since I have to keep to Dynamite’s schedule of eating and exercise (in addition to, you know, my own exercise, writing, reading, etc.).

I limited myself to one box of books in my car to bring up to Tahoe, and I’m starting to pick my way through it. I’ve been reading some other books for reviews, and Karen Russell’s Vampires In the Lemon Grove is a very accomplished short story collection. Not quite as good as George Saunders’ new book, but you know he’s one of my heroes, so it’s kind of hard to reach that level in my mind. Hopefully I’ll get to keep trucking through a bunch of books this weekend.

But there’s still some work to be done around the house, not that Dynamite is helping out with that.


More to come!


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